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Hattiesburg, MS
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Postcard #37

Loaded March is an awesome Merlin modern military AU group of stories by footloose. Links can be found in her journal at loaded_march or on Ao3. You can read about the scavenger hunt here. The postcard art was done by cerch and you can view it here.

Each postcard has some text by footloose written on it that, when put together, will form a Loaded March story. The text on my card follows:

They geared up, making sure the safeties were off, and adjusted their nightvision, adjusting for the light away from ambient sources. No sooner had they walked ten paces than they crossed some sort of threshold and were blinded by bright lights.
"Hands up, boys," someone said, his voice rough and gruff and not the least bit friendly at all. "No sudden moves!"

(Edited to remove links to a very strange lj site -- so sorry.)
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I don't know why Live Journal keeps telling me that I haven't logged in since I do long in with regularity. I am a maintainer on a community journal and am active on Live Journal.
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This entry is to keep my journal active.

What am I doing? For one thing, I'm one of the maintainers/editors of Crossover News (posting on Tuesday).
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I use this account to friend communities I want to read/follow. I don't post myself.

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